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Gempetit only stocks timeless jewellery, precisely crafted in 18 K gold with a pinch of fashion, and brings to you a vast collection that’s affordable while still being high on quality. Gempetit jewelry can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

Love finally has a new name & now we’ve got an address too! Come visit us at www.gempetit.com. *Gempetit is a brand of Goenka Glitteratii Pvt. Ltd.


DHRITI GOENKAFounder Director

“We at Gempetit are passionate about a few things – High Quality Products, Dressing Up, Little Ones & Jewellery!”

It is always quite intriguing to know what goes on inside the minds of little children and that is the one thing we really try to incorporate in our jewellery. If it doesn’t excite them, what’s the point?

Every time I started to think of gifting a beloved child of a close friend or family member a memorable and stylish gift with a shelf life of beyond a few day’s wear or play, I drew a blank. Gempetit is here to help fill this gap.

Gempetit gifts serve as beautiful mementos, something to mark births and birthdays with – like your baby’s first ‘Heart of Gold’ gift from Grandma or a little strawberry pendant given to your daughter on turning 1 by her doting aunt! Or Daddy gifting his baby girl her favourite teddy bear as earrings to wear all the time!

“Smell the whiff of a promising shopping session? Do browse and have a blast!”