Why Buy from Us?

/Why Buy from Us?
Why Buy from Us? 2017-12-27T13:54:27+05:30

Why should I buy Gempetit?

  • At Gempetit you will see an extensive range of small jewellery to choose from which is created mainly to cater to infants/ kids/ teens. Women who want to wear delicate, every day or quirky jewellery also shop from us.

  • There is a large choice when it comes to matching your personal style as we create with everything from Yellow Gold, White Gold, Diamonds, Pearls, Enamel, Precious Gems, etc.

  • We lavish attention on the quality and finishing of all our products. Each product is made with 18k gold. We make sure each piece is beautifully crafted and has gone through rigorous stages for quality check. For most people jewellery is gifted when they want to give an eternal gift. We just try to make these little dreams come true.

  • The prices are extremely affordable and can be really adorable gifts. There is 100% transparency in the pricing & you will get what you see. Since we are online there is no inventory cost involved or any middlemen, which is why we can give you such competitive rates.

  • The styles are classic & fashionable but at the same time extremely safe for kids & newborns since they are allergy free products.

  • All the products are certified. We leave it open for a client to get them tested by themselves and we are sure that there will never be a dispute about the quality. We have created a high benchmark of purity & authenticity.

  • Once an order is placed we will give you updates of the status until the product is safely delivered to you.

  • There will be no shipping charges in case of any ‘eligible’ returns or exchanges i.e. in case you have been supplied with a merchandise that you did not order or there is a defect in the product. We would like to reiterate here that the likelihood of defects is next to none.

  • To experience our jewellery for real, all you have to do is to book an appointment & visit our experience centre. This service is currently available only in Delhi, Mumbai Udaipur & Indore.

  • We are committed to a strong code on social, environmental & business ethics.

  • For any other queries we are simply a phone call away!