Trendy Kids Jewellery to Dress-up your Little Ones

/Trendy Kids Jewellery to Dress-up your Little Ones

Trendy Kids Jewellery to Dress-up your Little Ones

There will be innumerable times when you would’ve caught your little ones imitating you, as you dress up for a party or wedding. They are simply awed by the jewellery & always have a request if they can wear it too.

You know that adult jewellery is not right for your little Fashionista; & you’re always on the look-out for jewellery that is safe, yet cute & eye-catching; something that they will love wearing and flaunting. While kids today love imitating the adults, they do have a choice of their own, thanks to the exposure through internet, television & observing their older friends & siblings dress up.

Gempetit, a kids’ exclusive fine jewellery brand established by a mompreneur Dhriti Goenka, taps this by creating 18kt gold & gold plated jewellery for infants, toddlers & teens. Established in the year 2015, they have the widest range of fine jewellery for both boys & girls.

The various 18kt gold collections have irresistible designs that feature bugs & bees, favourite story book characters, hearts, fruits, star & moon, dolphins, elephants & most loved princesses in the form of earrings for girls, rings for girls, pendant for girls & gold bracelets for both boys & girls.

The gold plated line of DIY jewellery targets not just the kids but also the teens with their colourful & attractive shapes of charms on bracelets for girls & even adorable necklaces for girls. For boys they have a great collection of Kurta Buttons, Personalised Bracelets & Lapel Pins both in 18kt gold as well as gold plated.

An entire line of classic collection is a great gold gift for newborn, which is hypoallergenic & completely safe for infant skin & daily wear.

Be it trendy style or that classic look, detailed or simple designs, your little one is sure to find something that they love. Walk into our flagship store at Peddar Road, Mumbai & let your children admire our irresistible collection.

It is said that ‘Good things come in small packages’ & rightly so.

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