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Gempetit, making beautiful dreams come true – Mommyandbabybug

Dressing up my daughter has always been too much fun. I love how I have a plethora of accessories in every possible colour. And it’s not only me who loves playing dress up, my mini me is exactly like me. Ever since she started understanding her environment, one thing she loved was just looking at herself in the mirror and just trying out all sorts of hair accessories and jewellery. My own accessory box was attacked soon.

But honestly I loved every bit of it. Today when you reach out, you can find endless options for hair accessories, dresses, shoes, you just name it and it’s there. A few months back, my daughter turned two, I wanted to gift her something that she could keep forever. Yes, a lot of you would say that toys or learning games would suffice. Still as a memoire, I was on a look out for a special something that she would cherish when she grows up.

While working on my laptop the other day, to just take a break I started searching for gift options. Soon my search ended when I came across a brand names GEMPETIT. Sparkling cupcakes, shiny animals and royal shimmering crowns and everything cute that you can imagine was right in front of me. It was impossible for me to select a single piece out of the many lovely options.


Driven by the need for memorable and long-lasting gifts for children, Dhriti Goenka created Gempetit with pieces that serve as beautiful mementos and have a shelf life beyond just a few days of wear or play. At a time when children have access to all kinds of products and luxuries, gifting gold has a special significance. And this is a legacy that has been going on since forever. Not only is it known to be safe for sensitive skin, it is also a sound investment and has the ability to instill responsibility in young children.

  • It is made with focus on safety
  • It is hypoallergenic in nature
  • It is comfortable to wear even for babies
  • Never seen before, attractive designs

The above mentioned were a few reasons why I fell in love with the brand then and there.

Inspired by elements that intrigue and excite little minds, the collections feature everything from classic designs to pop art and floral elegance. Each collection has different offerings including bracelets, pendants, earrings and even little lapel pins and kurta buttons for the boys. Now this was another fact that attracted me even more. There line of jewellery was not only limited for girls, they had a little something for the boys out there too.

One more fact that was the highlight was the themes they followed with their jewellery. So, it wasn’t something that would lose the charm with time and changing fashion. Every time you had a look at their collection, they had something fresh to offer.

For specific nature lovers, they have the ‘Bugs and Bees’ collection that has pretty butterflies and ladybugs or the ‘Gem Berry’ collection that features all time favourite colorful fruits. ‘Le Fleur’ is the collection that has jewellery designed in the shape of beautiful flowers in different shapes and shades, while ‘Pugs & Paws’ collection is all about animal love. For those who want to stick to simple and elegant designs can pick up evergreen and timeless pieces from the ‘Young At Art’ collection. Apart from these, there is a line called ‘Simply classic’ which has jewellery designed in a way that makes it perfect for school.

Apart from this, Gempetit’s ‘Story Book’ collection takes you on a beautiful journey with every set and piece that they have created. While the ‘birthday crown’ captures all the happiness that a child feels around her own birthday. The collection is again made in 18k and enamel. Last but not the least is a collection called ‘ Honest bee’ that tells a story of bees in the sweetest possible way.

These are not merely jewellery pieces. They have been specially curated to push the limits of a little one’s imagination with small, timeless pieces of jewellery that come together perfectly. Stars and birds with plaid patterns, happy princesses and ponies – every piece in the collection captures the spirit of an enchanting tale. Not only the elders, the kids love it too.

It’s pretty obvious that I ordered a beautiful pair of earrings for my daughter. Ever since, there is a birthday or a newborn in the family, I know exactly where to reach and what to buy without brainstorming too much.

– Mommyandbabybug

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